1960 AC Aceca

Asking Price: £97,950
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca
1960 AC Aceca

1960 AC Aceca


  • Date of Registration: July 6th 1960


  • Registration Number: YGH 995


  • Chassis Number: AE777


  • Engine Number: CLB9-1-2449


  • Tax Class: Historic


  • Tax Expiry: June 30th 2023


  • MOT Expiry: September 2023



  1. Featured extensively in the Rinsey Mills book on “AC originality”

  2. Fitted with disc brakes, overdrive and electric fan

  3. Late model with the AC Factory aluminium lightweight gearbox

  4. Extensive maintenance history with AC Cars Limited

  5. Just thoroughly serviced at a cost of £9,000 

  6. Last ownership of thirty six years

  7. Fully detailed set of four history files



It’s not surprising that many wonder why the Aceca is just a fraction of the price of its Italian-bodied Grand Touring counterparts, cars from the studios of Vignale or Michelotti with values beginning at £500,000 that grace Museums of Art as well as the lawns of the most competitive Concours d’Elegance. So we should consider ourselves fortunate that the Aceca, as exquisitely proportioned as the best that Italian coachbuilders can offer, is both affordable and capable of delivering the same pride, joy and admiration as its very expensive foreign counterparts. But only as long as it is an exceptional example, such as Chassis Number AE777, with a history and specification that satisfies the most discerning of collectors.


With its embryo in 1904 the corporate history of AC Cars Limited was relatively straightforward until the final act in 1986, after which its many later iterations became worthy of a Harvard Business case study. Passionate about their product, as well as being one of England’s oldest independent automobile manufacturers, the original AC Cars Limited served their clients with servicing and parts in a manner that most manufacturers had already delegated to a remote dealer network. But not AC Cars. In the case of AE777 this allowed seventeen years of diligent servicing and maintenance by the Factory in Thames Ditton, all captured in a history file replete with AC’s forty six detailed invoices. 


Which brings us to the second chapter in the life of AE777, entailing thirty six years of single family ownership steeped in the AC marque. Not many can claim to use an AC Ace as their daily car, and fewer still to have an Aceca in the garage when the weather is inclement, as in this case.


Colours are important to highlight the exquisite lines of an Aceca, which Ice Green with Dark Green leather does perfectly. Early examples had drum brakes but AE777 has disc brakes, the all-important overdrive, and an electric fan that make it eminently comfortable in modern motoring whether here or on the Continent. Connoisseurs of the marque will note that as one of the last AC-engined cars it has the Factory’s lightweight aluminium-encased gearbox, and though now fitted with wider wheels for better handling the original wheels are still with the car.


Just completed a full and very thorough service costing £8,500, including the following work by the Project Workshop:



  • Fit a complete new clutch unit

  • Rebuild clutch slave cylinder



  • Rebuild brake master cylinder

  • Rebuild front brake callipers

  • Fit new brake pads

  • Skimmed rear brake drums

  • Drain brake fluid system; refill and bleed

  • Replace rear wheel cylinders

  • Replace flexible brake hoses



  • Strip and rebuild all three carburettors

  • Ultrasonically clean all carburettor parts

  • Drain old petrol and flush tank

  • Remove all copper fuel lines and replace with new

  • Replace all flexible fuel lines

  • Polish carburettor bodies

  • Overhaul fuel pump

  • Fit new fuel filter assembly and connectors



  • Torque cylinder head nuts

  • Adjust tappets

  • Drain engine oil; fit new filter and MOTUL oil

  • Drain oil from gearbox, differential and overdrive

  • Fill gearbox, differential and overdrive with MOTUL oil

  • Adjust wheel bearing (OSF)

  • Replace spark plugs



  • Drain cooling system

  • Remove all coolant hoses; fit new hoses

  • Flush radiator and engine block

  • Fit REVOTEC cooling fan and switch



  • Make up complete set of High Tension plug leads

  • Fit new battery



  • Shot blast and powder coat wheels

  • Fit new Vrederstein tyres and balance wheels



  • Fit new exhaust mount

  • Reface exhaust manifold face and fit new gaskets

  • Weld and repair leak in downpipe

  • Heat resistant wrap to exhaust manifold



 AE777 is presented with a new MOT, a full complement of tools, the jack, the original set of wheels, the Rinsey Mills book ‘Original Ace & Cobra’ where AE777 is featured extensively, and a set of four detailed files covering its’ full history.

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